Why Macramé?

I've been tying macramé bracelets as a hobby since I was about 13 years old. My mother taught me the craft, and told me stories about selling bracelets during her travels around the world.

In college, I made macramé bracelets sometimes in order to have something to do with my hands which wouldn't be a distraction to my classmates. I built up quite a collection of them.

Weaving A Website

More than just selling bracelets, I'm building this website to learn web design and some of the fundamentals of running my very own business. Learning the way that sticks – experience!

From The Ground Up

I have a certain love of doing things myself, and at this time, I am the one and only person making the crafts presented on Every piece of macramé jewelry you see pictured or listed for sale on this website was handcrafted by me personally with care.

In addition to web design and business experience, this project has given me an opportunity to learn and begin to practice photography. All of the photos you see on, whether of complete pieces or thread, clasps, beads and other materials were taken and retouched by yours truly.