I Have Big Dreams for This Place

Here is my current schedule of upcoming expansion and changes to the website.

What's Coming?
Site Redesign
Complete redesign of WithLoveFrom.us featuring:
  • a navbar with functional links
  • a contact email on the website
  • neater, more modern design
done (mostly)
email on January 22
Project Pages

Some products available for sale will be available on product pages with pictures and stats.

Orders processed by email will be live!
Custom Orders

An order form will be accessible on the website to request a product made to your specifications.

Custom orders will be live!
Bracelet Builder
The custom order page will be upgraded to a responsive page where your choice of colours, pattern and fastener will be displayed to give you a preview of how your bracelet will look – approximately.
Bonus –
Instructional Videos
An instructions section is hosted on the website to help you try making your own macramé bracelets and handmade crafts.
Bonus –
Gift Packs
Greeting cards are available to purchase alongside gift-wrapped macramé jewelry to send as a personalized gift with a message of your choice.